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   A few weeks ago my computers power cable finally stopped working. I’ve had
my  computer for three years this July, and have carried it all across North America with   me, it joined me in my three months in Ontario going from city-to-city and house -to-  house and has accompanied me on all of my excursions down to America. My battery is also really, well.. I can charge my computer for a time, but when I  unplug it instead of having the 7 hours I once had I have about 7 minutes.  No cord equals no computer.

Luckily though my mom has a similar computer and we could share her cord, so that’s what we did. Every few hours I could go on, and every few hours I would not be on.
I haven’t shared a cord with my mom since I was in her womb, but it worked out well all the same.

Since I wanted to keep writing most of the time when I wasn’t on the computer, I used a pen and paper to work on first drafts. I haven’t done this much since I was about… 17ish?

It reminded me of a few things.

First drafts suck. Without the ability to backspace and alter things, I noticed just how ickity pickity some things got. But I think that worked out well, its still a first draft, and I already know what I want to change and where the changes need to be made, which isn’t something I usually do with typed works.

Being outside is refreshing.  With a computer, especially once that needs to be plugged in all the time, one doesn’t have very much range that they can go from the house. We have a power outlet outside by the house, but the cord only stretches so far.
I love the city and the country, prefer the city but the country does have its perks. The sky here is phenomenal, there are woods that I can go into and sit on a fallen tree to write, I can walk to the edge of our property and sit down to look at the cows, or go out to the old log cabin and lay in the grass. A notebook is much more transportable than a computer, especially if running through the woods. There is also a whole bunch of frogs here (I think they are frogs) and all they do, except for when it is raining for some reason, is chirp and croak. Seriously, they drown out the coyote howls at night. So I had a constant chorus around me, and could see the chickadees!
I love birds, I think they are just the neatest little things, and seeing them tends to make me happy.

It is more than just words. The computer doesn’t get teastained, it doesn’t get mucky, the spine doesn’t break and it is not as personal as a journal is. It’s way faster, of course!

I’ve challenged myself to finish more first drafts by hand.

Do you write fiction in a journal? What kind of journal do you have? Does it have a ribbon? Is it leather, is it hardcard? Is it a moleskin? Spiralbound? Lined or blank? Does it have clasps or a lock, something to keep it shut?