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It has been a very long while. Most likely because I have not been in one city or even area  for the length two weeks.
The end of November rolled around and my Dad got home early, so I got on a plane two weeks earlier than I thought. With three days to pack, which is a new one for me, I’m the woman who starts  packing or making packing lists a few weeks in advance.
I’ve seen a lot of people, went down to Columbus Indiana for the holiday period where I met John’s family, who were accurately described before hand, and got engaged. He brought out a bowl of Lemons and Roses, the lemons because when I first went down to visit him in Los Angeles, he had a lemon tree in his yard and this, was fantastic to me. They tasted much sweeter and were larger than the ones you find in the supermarket in Canada. It’s also when I made up ‘Los Angeles Lemon French Toast’. The roses were in memory of one of the first dates we had. I had asked him for help with a writing project where I had to write a script, something I had never done before. We got talking about other things and he told me he had to find Moose Pajama’s for his niece, (who I also met and is fantastically four years old, with all the confidence and assertiveness that I also had at that age). Anyway, we ended up at one of the Malls where there was a number of candy and chocolate stores, John caught how I kept looking at them and asked if I wanted to go in. I declined, but he went in anyways and bought a chocolate rose, which he then gave to me. I told him I would save it, but I ate it on the walk to the skytrain after we had parted.

I’ve frequented a site where you can post works and have other members view them and give you critiques, I’m calling this ‘my side project.’ It has proved to be very helpful, through receiving critiques and giving my thoughts on other’s works I feel that my writing has improved.   I’ve also decided to keep my side project primarily for weekends, keeping weekdays devoted to research, development, and writing of  ‘The Novel’. If ‘The Novel’ happens to spill over into the weekends that is entirely acceptable.
Traveling and visiting people while trying to write has proved harder than I had hoped. While I don’t have to really ‘be’ anywhere, finding the time to accomplish all the things I want to do while here and to fit the writing goals in for each week has been an interesting challenge. It has also helped me not to beat around the bush in writing, and just cut through the bush instead.
I often fall prey to my own projects, when I get ‘stuck’ with a problem in one particular story I bounce off to another one. To battle that I purchased a USB sticky thing, and put everything but ‘The Novel’ and ‘My Side Project’ on there and off of my computer. So far that is working out well.

How do you push through getting stuck on one thing in your writing, or just in day-to-day things?