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Two weeks ago now, I went over to my friend Joe’s house to celebrate Canadian thanksgiving. As it neared 3a.m. the party winded down and most people were off to bed, except me. I go have bad sleeping habits, and sometimes can’t sleep. The amount of alcohol I consumed should have made falling asleep easier, alas this did not happen. Right before Joe decides to go to bed I ask to borrow a book since I knew I wouldn’t be  falling asleep for another half an hour or so (that small time frame turned into hours) and wanted something to occupy myself with. He gave me “Stranger Than Fiction” by Chuck Palahniuk. I’ve read and re-read “fight club” started on “Lullaby” and own most of his works on my kindle-machine. So I happily opened it and looked at the contents. A large sum of books, both fiction and nonfiction, have ‘Introductions’. I don’t usually read past the first page, which is usually half a page (about 2-3 paragraphs). Now I’ll admit I skimmed through the book itself a bit, but I read the entire introduction and……….

I loved it. I raved to myself the rest of the morning and later when Joe asked how far I’d gotten in the book I told him.  I’ll go into a bit of back story of the past few weeks too explain. I’ve been taking a look at what I want to do with my acting training, where I want to take my writing, why do I write, who am I and;  is a person who they are based on what they do? All the questions people have been asking themselves since the beginning of the world and will be for years to come. I don’t have any good answers, plenty of ones that just led to more questions though.  But I’ve been puttering around with some documents and figuring things out again. (I’ve a feeling this won’t be the only time this happens).

And so she’s read her first Introduction.