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I have two children’s picture books I am working on, one in its fifth draft, another in its third. I knew something wasn’t working with either of them so I asked John to take a look at them, which he kindly did. After going over them one of the bigger notes he gave me was that I had no antagonist. Which is dissapointing, one of the key elements of a story and I had left it out. Looking at every other fictional work that I have done it is the same, no antagonist!

I have been doing homework on antagonists, and what makes one. The antagonist is trying to stop the protagonist, and vice versa. I wanted to look at kids movies to see if there was a lot of difference between antagonists in different genres, and I don’t think there is. For instance, Ratigan, from “Basil the Great Mouse Detective”  could appeal to children or adult audiences if you changed the situations a bit. He’s the ‘evil villain’ antagonist. He creates diabolical plans to smite down his foe Basil. He is also the antagonist that never dies.

Who are your favorite antagonists?