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On Tuesday, I got a surprise in my email inbox. It was a poem that John has written for me, and I have to say I love it.  I’ve never been written a love poem before, though I have written many of them. I wrote one about John back in December, since I make it a habit to write about such things. Almost half of my poems are actually male influenced. So I wrote him one back, and this is the first poem I have actually written for someone other than myself. I unfortunately am not going to post either of them, because they are just too personal for me to be posting around, which is also strange because I’ve never had a problem with posting personal romantic things before. All I can say in way of explanation is that: John is different.
I like the poem he wrote me for several reasons. A) It has an interesting rhythm to it that goes from a structured free-verse, to unstructured and then back to structured. B) well its about me   C) it has some really nice images and wordings to it. D) its honest and open in a way that is sometimes difficult to convey through speech.

I’ve always liked reading love poems, and some of my favorites to read are by ee cummings, Rumi, and of course the Bronte sisters who are probably my favorite classic authors.

What is everyone else’s experiences with love poems, have you had them written for you, do you write them, read them, do you like them, dislike them?