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Three weeks ago I got an idea for a romance novel and started doing some very basic character development, but what was taking up most of my time was Jim Butcher’s book numero 10; Changes . I went to his website looking for the release date of the next book and found out that he had a blog, I took a look at it out of curiosity and was wowed to find out that it was about writing, and I highly recommend looking at it. His blog helped me to formulate an action plan for getting some solid ground work done. Then it cornered me. I got a story arc in place, then moved onto character arcs and finally got down to the chapter outlines just at the start of this week. I got 27 chapters outlined in detail in two days, gave it a day to rest then made sure everything matched up.I then taped everything to my wall using electrical tape, an idea I copy Catted from my friend Nuno Soler who is a screen writer, roles his own cigarettes and has an awesome tattoo that says “storyteller.”  he’s also just generally pretty brilliant.  I know that I will add more as I write, which I plan to start tomorrow evening or Monday.

In order of Appearance we have: The Whole Damn Thing.
Character Arc’s CloseUp
A Chapter Outline CloseUp
A basic Character profile for one of my secondaries.

Thanks for reading!