Time to Buckle Down or Buckle Up?

We’re a month into 2013.

I’m next to unemployed because work is so slow.

And I’ve acomplished very litte. I’ve learned a lot though. Mostly through drinking every night of the week, traveling to Vancouver and not knowing where I am going to be staying one day to the next, taking busses, taking planes, and for the first time I think ever, more than emotionally depending on friends. John Quick visited, which was also great, and I learned somethings from that too, like that it’s strange to kiss someone you haven’t seen in a year, and that writing with someone really really is the best way to write. Everyone go get a writing partner and plan marry them- they’ll never be able to flake out and say they can’t make it, because eventually, you’ll see them.

I’ve learned that I’ve either outgrown the teenage habbit of getting drunk and trying to a)sleep with everyone in the room- though apparently I text my friend Will about how hot all the girls are, sorry Will. b) I haven’t needed to puke into anyones mixing bowls, and have generally made it either outside, or to a toilet. c) I haven’t cried and wailed and said how sorry I was.

I want to share this one night spent at Bugysys. I’ve written a small script for you.

The Encounter With the Cops

Int. Bugsys Bar. Night. Close to Midnight. There’s a crowd of dearly drunk folk.

Two police officers enter. ERICA (21) ADRIANNA (22)CRAIG (26) and CEDAR (25) notice them and decide it’s time to leave. As they head out the door COP ONE stops them.

Hey guys how’s your night going?

It’s going good guys, how about you?

It’s going good, where are you guys off to tonight?

Just outside for a dart then goin’ home.

Do you guys have ID on you?

(pulls out ID)

(As she gets her ID out)
Of course we have ID. We’re at the bar. Who doesn’t bring ID to the Bar?”

Cedar and Craig pass the cops their ID. The officers look over the cards then hand them back.

You guys have a safe night.


Trust me to say something smart assey the cops while I am clearly drunk.

And finally Chicken wings taught me that its okay to be messy. life is messy, messy can be fun and slathered in honey garlic or barbeque sauce. Be more messy.


A fantastic post about identity and and parenthood, asking the very real question “Can I still be myself and have chidlren?”

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When I first found out I was pregnant, I swore that motherhood would not change me. I swore to myself that I would still wear combat boots and punk rock t-shirts, still listen to techno and still slouch around at happy hour every now and then. I swore that I would still be hardnosed and unemotional, and that above all, most importantly, I would never, not in a million years, become one of those writers who has a child and henceforth becomes so consumed by motherhood and the identity of being mother that she ends up spending the rest of her writing life producing schlock feel good stories about parenting. I mean, seriously, what could be more depressing than that? If having a child meant that suddenly your whole identity, all the way down to your creative practice, would become about nothing more than that child, then I didn’t want…

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I miss my blog


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Between traipsing across the country, working, lack of internet, and then not having my computer because I didn’t want to travel with it, I haven’t been posting, and I miss that. I miss doing the Word of the Day, and the Monthly poem. I just wanted everyone to know this, with any luck, I start that up again very soon.



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I’m sure most of you have noticed that the Word of the Day post hasn’t been up so far this week. My Internet is down due to a snow storm, as soon as it’s up, I’ll be back to posting! Also have a few other posts to add as well, including A Few Things I’ve Learned About Dating By Not Dating, and So you want to be a twitter Pro… Yeah, Me Too!

How is the week going for all of you bloggers and readers? Feels strange for me with no internet and not going to work on Monday!